A Whole 'Nuther Thing w/ Bob Goodman

To paraphrase Duke Ellington..."There are only 2 types of Music, Good Music and Bad Music"... I personally prefer the former and that's what you'll hear each and every Saturday Afternoon or Evening depending on where you live. My program airs on Saturday afternoons at 3 PM PDT and usually during the 5 - 6 PM segment I feature a selected artist and play those tunes typically ignored by Commercial and even Satellite Radio stations.
A "Whole 'Nuther Thing" is kind of like hanging out with a friend and dusting off and listening to some tunes you haven't heard in a long long time or perhaps not at all. From 3 - 5 PM I draw upon the wide range of musical formats that KSBR features and I create all inclusive thematic or musically synergistic sets.  It's "Music Without Boundaries".
During the 5 PM hour my featured artists are from the entire musical landscape so there are always surprises thrown in and the tunes I play, well, they're the ones you usually don't hear anymore. Although our broadcast signal is limited to areas of Southern California, we stream our broadcasts on the Internet.
  • Saturday 3-6pm